About Us

Since PEC’s inception in 2010, under the visionary leadership of Mala Singh, a very strong stakeholder of Green Industry in India and has a strong vision to transform existing communities into Sustainable communities to achieve the goal of Responsible Development across the country. PEC believes in providing solutions that create Green and Clean Environment that leads to resource Conservation, Energy Efficient Infrastructure, Waste minimization and lesser pollution. PEC SOLUTIONS GREEN DESIGNS PVT. LTD. provides integrated and sustainable approach to design a Green Building with minimal environmental impact and reduce consumption of natural resources effectively. This is our commitment towards Mother Earth for climate change mitigation measures & also to provide healthy and good quality of life for the sustainable communities. We are skilled expertise in providing holistic approach from the project planning stage till commissioning of the project by incorporating five elements of Nature i.e. water, fire, air, earth & sky. This sustainable approach has helped our various clients to achieve efficiency in water & energy usages. Even the use of eco- friendly materials & technologies have reduced the demand of natural resources drastically in their projects. We help corporates or organizations by providing them well defined strategy for sustainable development as per their requirements. We also provide our support to monitor Environmental, Social & Economical performances which enables the organizations to achieve their long term goals of sustainable business & fulfill the requirement of national & Global financial institution.

Solar Energy Consultancy & Solar System Integrator(On Grid & Off Grid Utility)


We at PEC SOLUTIONS GREEN DESIGNS PVT. LTD. believe in providing solutions that creates green and clean environment that leads to resource conservation, energy efficient infrastructure, waste minimization and lesser pollution. Our technical support help communities and business enterprises reduce operation and maintenance costs. We also provide cost saving opportunities in systems and designs through an integrated approach to make the community development sustainable and long lasting. We do it "BECAUSE WE CARE."


We at PEC SOLUTIONS GREEN DESIGNS PVT. LTD. intend to become a leading firm in the field of Sustainable & Green Technologies. We would like to become a role model or an ambassador to transform the communities into an integrated sustainable model which will help to encourage sustainable growth & green economy to fulfil the Nation’s agenda of Green Mission set by Government of India. Green mission will help to rectify the global warming & climate change issues.